Egyptian Rhyolite Porphyry, vessel Predynastic Period, Nagada II, ca. 3600-3200 B.C.

A Rococo sofa, á chassis. Stockholm ca. 1760 Prw. Collection 

A Pair of Fauteuils, á chássis, á Reine. Carl Magnus Sandberg (1735-1789) Stockholm ca. 1760. Pro. Collection 

A console: Jean Baptiste Masreliez (1753-1801). Permiere sculpture du Roy,Gustav III,

Provenance: Beron Carl Jedvard Bomde, Eriksberg Casle. Prw. Colletion

A Mirror. Jean Baptiste Masreliez. Ornament sculpture at the Royal household.

Stockholm ca 1780. Prw Collection 

A Mirror. Jean Baptiste Masreliez. . Prw Collection 

British gilt wood Rococo mirrors ca.1750-60 Prw. Collection 

Maya: Eccentric Flint 3rd-9th Century AD